Experience English

Experience English

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Learn English using the full range of sensory experiences including music, storytelling, role plays and drama. This approach encourages learning through the use of sounds (phonics) to enhance comprehension and aid correct pronunciation.

Learn with a Native English teacher specialising in Early Years education and with a professional music background. Learn to speak English using the same methods as English children

Why Experience English?

Studies have shown that learning English through the use of music can

– enhance listening ability and ‘tuning in’ to the language

– aid development of vocabulary

– improve the ability to distinguish sound and pitch, enabling better pronunciation and trains the memory to improve retention

Learning through play

Creates a fun and stimulating environment where children learn more and have fun. This method is a more natural and ultimately more successful way for children to learn new skills

Stories, Drama and Role Play

Designed for a wide range of stimulation to engage all the senses to enhance learning of new vocabulary. Using skills children already have, such as telling stories and acting out scenarios builds confidence in learning


During the course children will have the opportunity to learn the alphabet sounds, to distinguish between sounds (and how to spot irregularities and ‘false friends’), understand the core building blocks of speaking native English


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